For the past eighteen years, I have dedicated myself to the empowerment of students through education. Given my previous industrial career prior to entering academia, I am passionate about equipping students with entrepreneurship skills for life and ensuring they are “employable”. Within this vein, I am a supporter of experiential teaching and learning by doing approaches, so….

…rather than asking myself “what am I going to teach today? I ask, “what am I going to have my students do today”.

My research is actively integrated into my undergraduate and postgraduate teaching where student and peer feedback at undergraduate and postgraduate level have been consistently excellent.

Maura is the quintessential academic.  She is a an innovative teacher who brings grounding breaking research into the classroom, showing how research can be applied and practiced by graduate and undergraduate students.  

Professor Candida Brush, Babson Collge, USA

My use of innovative teaching practices has been recognized in my receipt of a Queen’s Teaching Award (2006), Queen’s Student Union Award Nomination (2016) and DCU President’s Teaching Award (2018). Moreover, in 2019, I won an Irish Women’s Award in the Services to Education category.

These types of awards are important as they showcase examples of courage, passion, skill, commitment and success that feature in women and provide a platform to encourage women at all ages to achieve their goals and spread the message that women can be successful leaders, entrepreneurs, influencers, scientists and CEOs. I therefore see this award not as an achievement but as a responsibility, with my responsibility being the empowerment of women through education.”

Maura is an ebullient role model in education.  Maura’s influence amongst male and female students alike is prevalent.   A true educational figure provides more than just a ‘service’ inside the classroom, which Maura demonstrates in every way possible. 

Emma Millar –
Senior Recruitment Specialist at Credit Suisse

Maura empowered me with the power of knowledge….Maura motivated me with the best tutelage, Maura helped me move ahead with unending motivation.. As a leader and teaching professor!! Maura is a true inspiration..

NoraAbdullah Almasoud

Professor Maura is a kind, caring, interesting, hard-working, organized, remarkable, and an inspiring Professor who engages all students in her lectures in a very creative way and it has been a pleasure being taught by her. 

Arwa ALBarqawi
2018MscBA2 class rep

I was always inspired by Maura’s dedication to the subject and her enthusiasm for the degree which made me even more willing to learn. Throughout engaging tutorials, lectures and alongside Maura’s extraordinary guidance I was able to develop my skills and go on to graduate with a 2:1 honours degree whilst obtaining my ideal graduate position.

Michelle Devine
Randox Business Development Executive

Professor McAdam taught me during my Management degree at QUB. As my career progressed, now managing a senior team within Slack in Dublin, I found that drawing on her lessons really enhanced my career, providing context for the entrepreneurial culture within this global organisation. Years later, we are still in touch, as her values and advice have continued to help me.

Phil Watson
Mid-Market Sales EMEA at Slack