Tech Diversity: Accelerators Go After Women, Underrepresented Minorities For New Startup Ideas

Salvador Rodriguez writes about tech diversity in accelerators, a subject close to my heart.

Accelerators focused on entrepreneurs from underrepresented groups, such as women and minorities, have begun to spring up across the tech industry. Above, an entrepreneur from the accelerator Startupbootcamp, which this month launched a program in Miami focused on entrepreneurs helping underserved communities with tech healthcare startups

I am little concerned that they are putting women and minorities in silos by treating them as problems that need to be fixed or given special support, without tackling the inherent problems of the mainstream accelerator programs,” said Maura McAdam, a senior lecturer in management at Queen’s University Belfast who has done research on the diversity of startup accelerators.

Delighted to have been asked for academic comment given my expertise in the accelerator and incubator domain.